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Making the First Feed Cubes

Time to make some feed cubes!  8-2-14 Step #1 I went and snipped a small armload of whip tips and leaves from the willow tree. This is me proving that I struggle filming with one hand while trying to run a chipper with the other hand!  You young people make it look SO easy. 8-2-14 Step […]

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Trying out the Cubit Press

Finally! The production model of the Cubit Press made it to my house! I have SO many things to test with it on my list. I’m supposed to be designing the branding decals, safety warning labels and writing a quick-start brochure to go in every box, but I’m really good at procrastinating.  So, I guess I […]

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The Hopper Popper for large rabbits

Not everyone knows how to use a gun or can use one where they live to dispatch a rabbit. The CD (cervical dislocator) is a tool that has solved that problem when it comes to dispatching fryer sized rabbits for these people for quite some time. The Short family, of Azalea, Oregon have developed and […]

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BYMR Seed and Ingredient Exchange

Hey everyone! I asked earlier how much interest that there would be in our having our own seed and ingredient exchange. The response was pretty unanimous. You wanted one, so I made one in the BYMR Forum Topics here on the website. BYMR Seed and Ingredient Exchange is live and ready to go. The whole forum […]

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Announcing BYMR Forum Topics

Shannon Pankow and I have pretty much nailed down the design and functionality of a forums section for our group where we can record some of the more noteworthy information that passes through the group so fast! Shannon came up with a hierarchy that seems to cover the categories well. We’ll no doubt want to […]

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Summer Grazing

-Summer Grazing- Spring and summer are times of plenty for those of us that feed our rabbits naturally. With one part education and two parts planning, combined with three parts of good old fashioned “elbow grease” we can make that nasty old feed bill go away for awhile. If we do really well, we can raise our yearly goal of […]

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Rabbit Safe Weed Killer

I’ve long wanted something that I could use to get rid of the weeds that grow in the cracks and crevices in and around the driveway and the sidewalk in the front of the house. I refuse to use chemical weed killers or Round-Up because I have a waterfront lot and I raise meat rabbits […]

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Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Boyd Craven Jr is excited to announce The Urban Rabbit Project’s new BYMR-Marketplace.com. This marketplace will be stocked by members in good standing of Craven’s Facebook group Backyard Meat Rabbits (a.k.a. BYMR), and will allow for a separate place from the group for members to offer their products and services to other members and the web at […]

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