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BYMR Seed and Ingredient Exchange

Hey everyone! I asked earlier how much interest that there would be in our having our own seed and ingredient exchange. The response was pretty unanimous. You wanted one, so I made one in the BYMR Forum Topics here on the website.

BYMR Seed and Ingredient Exchange is live and ready to go.

The whole forum area is designed for our Backyard Meat Rabbits group. Anyone from anywhere can come by and read it all, but in order to write a response, ask a question, etc you have to have an open session in Facebook, Google+ or Youtube (also owned by Google). Then you can click on the icon in the right side of the page that says Login with: and has 3 symbols that respresent the 3 choices. There is no Logout button. It’s session based, meaning once you login, you stay logged in until you close out your browser entirely. After you’re logged in, you no longer see the buttons.

In order to not make this a housekeeping nightmare for me, I have permissions set so if you want to include a picture of what you have to offer, you can upload it to your own Facebook or Google+. Then you simply get your picture on your screen, right click on it and left click on Copy Image URL. With your cursor where you want the picture to go in your post in the exchange, click the IMG button and paste in the image url that you copied. It works. My Egyption walking Onions example is done from my FB page just like that. If you have a how-to question, PM me on Facebook. I’ll add answers to frequently asked questions here, and eventually create a doc in the Files area in the Group.

This forum is intended for the occasional thing that individuals have to trade, sell one of or just share. If you have an item that you want to sell a bunch of as a regular stock item, PM me on Facebook and we’ll set you up a regular Product Page in BYMR-Marketplace.com (which is seen on the main menu of all pages here too) There, we build you a Paypal button where the customer can buy the item directly from you. I don’t ever touch the money. Once I get it running smooth, I’ll toss up a Paypal Donate button, where you guys can toss a couple of bucks once in awhile to help pay for things and keep the bills paid! 🙂

Those of you who know a little html can use some of the more basic html5 commands there too. More directions/ info to come! Have fun!

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