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The Hopper Popper for large rabbits

Not everyone knows how to use a gun or can use one where they live to dispatch a rabbit. The CD (cervical dislocator) is a tool that has solved that problem when it comes to dispatching fryer sized rabbits for these people for quite some time. The Short family, of Azalea, Oregon have developed and […]

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BYMR Seed and Ingredient Exchange

Hey everyone! I asked earlier how much interest that there would be in our having our own seed and ingredient exchange. The response was pretty unanimous. You wanted one, so I made one in the BYMR Forum Topics here on the website. BYMR Seed and Ingredient Exchange is live and ready to go. The whole forum […]

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Announcing BYMR Forum Topics

Shannon Pankow and I have pretty much nailed down the design and functionality of a forums section for our group where we can record some of the more noteworthy information that passes through the group so fast! Shannon came up with a hierarchy that seems to cover the categories well. We’ll no doubt want to […]

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Rabbit Safe Weed Killer

I’ve long wanted something that I could use to get rid of the weeds that grow in the cracks and crevices in and around the driveway and the sidewalk in the front of the house. I refuse to use chemical weed killers or Round-Up because I have a waterfront lot and I raise meat rabbits […]

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Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Boyd Craven Jr is excited to announce The Urban Rabbit Project’s new BYMR-Marketplace.com. This marketplace will be stocked by members in good standing of Craven’s Facebook group Backyard Meat Rabbits (a.k.a. BYMR), and will allow for a separate place from the group for members to offer their products and services to other members and the web at […]

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