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Making the First Feed Cubes

Time to make some feed cubes! 
8-2-14 Step #1
I went and snipped a small armload of whip tips and leaves from the willow tree. This is me proving that I struggle filming with one hand while trying to run a chipper with the other hand!  You young people make it look SO easy.
8-2-14 Step #2
This is the first batch of home-grown ingredients being mixed up for the feed press. It just arrived! Willow, wheat grass fodder were chipped up together, then dry grass (backyard pasture mix) was added until the consistency felt right. It would just slightly stay together if squeezed in one hand.
8-2-14 Step #3
Donna filming me pressing the very first cubes from the feed press. To get a feel for how long it takes to do, watch me do 2 of them in this clip. This is the willow, wheat grass fodder chipped, mixed by hand with dry grass (backyard pasture mix). Nothing else.
8-2-14 Step #4
Here’s what they looked like before going into the Excalibur to dehydrate. Very simple, nearly free recipe just to try it out.
8-3-14 Step #5
Here’s what the first batch of cubes look like fresh out of the dehydrator.

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