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Rabbit Safe Weed Killer

Rabbit Safe Weed KillerI’ve long wanted something that I could use to get rid of the weeds that grow in the cracks and crevices in and around the driveway and the sidewalk in the front of the house. I refuse to use chemical weed killers or Round-Up because I have a waterfront lot and I raise meat rabbits in the backyard. I don’t want either to be exposed to chemicals from run-off. The lot slopes from the front downhill past the rabbit’s grazing area to the water. My wife’s sister told us about this safe, cheap, homemade recipe that works like a charm!

1 Gallon of cleaning vinegar

2 Cups of Epson Salts

1/4 Cup blue Dawn dish soap

Mix ingredients in a 2 gallon pump sprayer in that order.
Spray very liberally in the morning and by evening they’ll look like the picture!

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