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This is what I use every day all summer. I gather natural feed ingredients from my property, feed half fresh to the rabbits and dry the other half in 2 of these. They work awesomely! I keep mine hung underneath my Red Maple tree down by the lake. The breeze blows through them well, underneath as well as above the material being dried. The mesh keeps the wind from blowing it all out and scattering it on me. The built-in umbrella on top protects it pretty well from whatever raindrops find their way down through the Maple tree. Colors and smells remain vivid.    Boyd Craven Jr

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Grass Flakes

My largest “crop” from my backyard is simply the lawn itself. Now mind you, in my backyard the lawn isn’t just regular grass! I plant white clover, red clover, orchard grass, perennial rye grass, dandelion on purpose, various broadleaf weed seeds like wild amaranth, creeping charlie and vetches. I toss around bulk radish seeds by the handfuls. I toss around bulk carrot seeds by the handfuls. I set my mower up as high as it can possibly go, to leave everything as long and alive as I can, and just kind of continuously trim the top. When I get a “farm” one day, I will do the same thing there, but on a John Deere riding mower with rear clipping catchers. There, it will include some alfalfa content, if I can find some GMO free seed. Here, if I’m feeling young, I may use my Scott’s reel mower. Mostly, I use my self propelled push mower with the bag attachment on and a mulching blade. That’s all wrong some people will say, but let me tell you, it works! If you mow it often, it hasn’t grown much, so you’ll get really short fine pieces with a sharp, clean blade that press well into a cube in the Cubit Press. The whole concept depends on just keeping the mower clean and the blade sharp with a file!

As soon as it’s cut and the bag is mostly full, I stop what I’m doing and empty it by the handfuls into the shelves of my two dryers, like the one pictured here. When the shelves of both dryers are full, I’m done mowing until that batch is dry! Usually 48 hours, sometimes less. I’m not sure that I’ve mowed the entire lawn all at once this year ever. 😉

The picture here on the left is what the dried backyard pasture looks like after it comes out of the dryer, then takes a short spin in a cheap blender. It now takes up 1/8 of the space that the “wet” material took right after being cut. As you can see, it retains the wonderful green color from being dried slowly in the hanging dryer under the shade of my red maple tree. What you can’t experience is the smell. It smells simply fresh! I now keep this in the white 5 gallon pails for my main compound feed recipe ingredient. The un-chopped I keep in big paper lawn bags and use as hay or as bedding in the hutches. I just don’t buy hay or straw any more.


10405620_468107036625298_5167886018631448648_n This is Mufasa sniffing a plate of backyard pasture that I cut with my push mower with a mulching blade, then tossed directly in the hanging dryer.










10369726_468107039958631_2814940954208569652_n This is Mufasa’s next move after sniffing it. He LOVES it! He’ll clean up a whole plate of it. That white 5 gallon pail with the lid is his. It’s full of this!


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