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The Hopper Popper for large rabbits

Not everyone knows how to use a gun or can use one where they live to dispatch a rabbit. The CD (cervical dislocator) is a tool that has solved that problem when it comes to dispatching fryer sized rabbits for these people for quite some time. The Short family, of Azalea, Oregon have developed and have sold MANY of their own version of the CD that they call The Hopper Popper.

No, it’s not a new invention, but the reasons that I personally endorse their products are #1 because of the people. Dale & Patti Short run a family welding business. They are members of my Facebook group Backyard Meat Rabbits, and they are my friends. They are good people that we can trust. When you send them your hard earned money, for a product Made in America you’re going to get it. You’re going to get it in about 2 weeks, and you’re going to be happy with it. If you are not happy with it, I’ll personally give you your money back! That’s how much I believe in these folks. #2 the quality. These guys aren’t amateurs. They are professional welders. They saw the need by our members for a good product AND for good service, and they contacted me offering to fill that need. I jumped at the chance for them to do this for us.

Getting back to dispatching full grown, adult rabbits and large breeds like Flemish Giants, etc. This very same product is of such high quality that it can be mounted to the floor, (or a stump as in this video) and allows the operator to use their legs and their body weight to get the job done instead of relying on bulging biceps. The trick to getting the neck to break exactly where you want it to is to have the rabbit “looking up” slightly and for you to be pulling upwards. The break will then always occur right where the “kink” is in the rabbit’s spinal column. Just pulling straight back on a big rabbit in a home-made rig will often result in the break occurring in the middle of the back. That’s kind of an awful experience for both the rabbit and the person. Nature has designed the rabbit as a prey animal. Rabbits are lunch for almost all predators, including man, so they are designed to break easy. Watch how Bobby Short does this the right way!   – Buy yours now –



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